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Our focus is on improving the customer experience. Please complete and submit this supplier registration form to SEKURUS INTERNATIONAL about your company.

Please use this form to introduce yourself to SEKURUS INTERNATIONAL and highlight new service/product offerings if you are an existing partner with SEKURUS INTERNATIONAL. We will use the information you provide to establish a general database of suppliers operating in various types of business. This information will not be shared outside the organization.

Note: This form does not constitute a tender call nor an offer or commitment by SEKURUS INTERNATIONAL to contract for any services or purchase any products. The receipt of a completed form by SEKURUS INTERNATIONAL will not imply or give rise to any obligation or commitment on the part of SEKURUS INTERNATIONAL to enter into a contract or agreement of any kind, or proceed the procurement of any products or services from a responder, either though issuance of an RFP or tender or through the initiation of negotiations with a responder.

Submission of this form does not automatically qualify your organization as a supplier to SEKURUS INTERNATIONAL. We will contact you directly should the information you provide meet our business objectives. Thank you.

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